Photography – Butterflies and Countryside

These photo’s were taken on numerous country walks and at a Butterfly place called ‘Tropical Wings’ about an hour or so from where we live.

First photos from some of our walks:

In Essex:

Latton Farm from the Bluebell Wood Peacock Butterfly2 OrangeTipMale4_20May09 Large White Large White2 Early Summer Underpass barbed wireJust outside Brighton:

Castle Hill Brighton Aug 2008_2 meadowbrown1_brighton 0808 Common Blue1_brighton 0808

Now some more beautiful butterflies this time from Tropical Wings :

Big blue tropical butterfly big blue 2 tropical butterfly black red

6 thoughts on “Photography – Butterflies and Countryside

  1. outstanding, you are so talented! the butterflies are amazing, my favourite shots are the barbed wire and the maple leaves, one on the thistle and that first shot is very atmospheric…with the layers front middle and distance…you are really, really a fine photographer!

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  2. Fantastic. You did very well to get in so close without disturbing the butterflies. You managed to capture the colours beautifully. Thanks for posting.

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