Photography – Zoo Visit

I took these pictures on a visit to Broxbourne Wildlife Park.  I was using my Canon Powershot S2 IS.

It’s not a full digital SLR camera but has the facilities to mimic the control of exposure, focal depth and length and ISO setting just like an SLR would.  It also has excellent image stabilization and a macro and super macro setting which is totally fab.  (I love taking macro photos.)

14APR09ParrotNormally I’m not very into birds but this little guy was wonderful.  I spent some time trying to photograph him and had to move from side to side to get a good shot around the other people who were there.  As I moved from side to side he began to copy me which made me laugh when I realised what he was doing.  Then we played a game where I did a movement with my head an he did it too.  He was such a lovely chap!  I could have taken him home and loved him forever.  🙂


14APR09CheetahWatchingHere are a couple of shots of a Cheetah. She was sleeping but I think I woke her up.  She stared at me for a bit but I kept still and quiet and didn’t look at her face after the photo and she went back to sleep.


\24JulLion CubThese two are of a Jaguar and a young Lion Cub.  Theyb are beautiful animals, it’s just a shame about the cage.

Next up – A Tamerin and a Penguin:

14APR09Penguin 14APR09TamarinThe Tamerin was really hard ot shoot because he/she was very active.  Next I’ve got a shot of a wolf.  The wolves were resting but I found it hard to manage the huge amount of light in their compound without over-exposing them.


Finally for today I’ve got a shot I took of an eagle of some kind (I think it might be a golden eagle).  It wasn’t taken at the Broxbourne park but at another wildlife centre where it took part in an aerial display.

big bird2


Tomorrow – Meerkats!!!!!!!    😀


11 thoughts on “Photography – Zoo Visit

  1. Thanks, I have an old DSLR bit its cumbersome to carry and so old that it only has half the resolution of most modern cameras. I prefer my Canon too – small and so versatile. 🙂

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