Charcoal Animals

I really enjoyed making charcoal drawings from the charcoal I got from the burnt chair.  After working on some portraits of people  (see yesterday’s blog) I did some animal pictures:

Elephant_FINI have always loved elephants and I really enjoyed the way the charcoal spread out easily and made lovely shapes with a smooth change in density of the pigment.  Looking back more critically I can see that

  1. The offside tusk should stick out more for proper perpective.
  2. I also think I would darken the dark areas a little more to give the image a better tonal range (which I think just means having really dark areas to really light areas and all of those inbetween.)
  3. I would also change the amount of the elephant which I drew to include the whole of the trunk as I think this would make a better picture.

This is a picture of a bird of prey which I drew for a friend (and gave to her).  My friend is really into bird watching and showed me a buzzard which lived in the woods near out houses.  I can’t remember which species this bird is.

Eagle_FINI like this picture, but looking back I would look more closely at my reference to check I had good propertions for the birds head and body.  In this drawing it looks to me like the head is a little big but since I can’t find the reference image I used I can’t tell for sure.

Finally I drew a picture of a frog:

Frog_FINThe only thing I would change here is to look more carefully at the frog’s mouth – it just looks a bit too smiley!

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