Charcoal and the Burnt Chair

Sometimes, in the places I walk my dog, people abandon things. I find it hard to understand why people would leave there rubbish in such beautiful places – but they do.  Usually it’s just litter but once there was an old wooden chair.  Some children had set fire to it and it had burned quite badly.  Below is my dog Bonnie in the meadow where I found the chair.

DogwalkAnyway, I went to look at it and found that a bit of the leg was easy to break off and left dark charcoal marks on my hands.  So I put it in a dog waste bag and brought it home.  I broke it into pieces and began to draw with it.  It worked really well and was completely free.

Here are a few of pictures I drew with it:

This is a picture of an asian woman from a book.

AsianWoman And this is a picture of a young Tibetan boy.

YoungTibetanAnd this is a picture of an older man meditating:

old man meditating_FIN_WEBAll of these were done with the charcoal from the chair.

4 thoughts on “Charcoal and the Burnt Chair

  1. Yup – I get that feeling too. Finding and using things like that makes me feel at home in the world. I get the same feeling from hunting down wild food.


  2. There’s always something interesting about found objects, almost as if they’re a gift.


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