School Holidays

My fabulous son has now broken up from school for the summer holidays.  As we’ll be doing lots of holiday things together this will leave less time for my blog so over the holidays I’m going to do a mixture of three things:

  1. Reviewing work not previously shown on ‘Adventures in Art’ – I think this is helpful for me as I gain new skills and get more experience because I can look back at what I was doing and see how far I’ve come.  It also gives me a chance to look at my work more critically, picking out what’s good and what’s bad about each piece which is a learning experience in itself.  Finally I’m hoping I will get an idea of what kind of artist I am becoming.  One of the big blindspots I have from autism is not being able to see myself very clearly.  I can give specifics easily but if someone asked me to generalise about myself I couldn’t do it.
  2. Continuing to work on new ideas and techniques – painting and drawing helps me to relax.  I get enormous enjoyment from this sort of activity so while I will have less time I don’t want to stop altogether.
  3. Work on my 365 day Sketching project – this is where I am trying to sketch every day.  Recently I’ve found it really hard because I got sick and had to stop and then, after that I had a lot of catching up to do with housework and other things.  When I go away on holiday (to Devon this year!!!) I am hoping to do a Sketch Diary where I tell the story of my   trip in pictures.


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