Watercolour Woman

I saw a number of great YouTube video’s on how to paint watercolour portraits.  I particularly liked the ones with a more modern take.  There were several who used unusual colours and used the water to provide a background to just a woman’s face.  One of the best, to my mind, was this one:

I wanted to see if I could make my own picture like this.  So I began by sketching out a face.  I find it quite difficult to draw without a reference – especially faces – they are so hard to do – they always go wrong unless I draw from a picture.  When I’m using a reference I can then kind of just draw each part and it comes out as a face.

For reference today I used a pictutre from drawing tutorial book.  It’s probably the best ‘How to Draw’ book I’ve got…

drawingbookWhen I was first studying drawing I worked through lots of this book – it was brilliant.  So here is the face I used as a reference (to some extent):

reference face(The picture above is from Giovanni Civardi’s ‘Complete Guide to Drawing’ and is not my work – it is an image I used for reference from Civardi’s book.)

So I sketched the face lightly:

sketchfaceAnd then began painting:

paintstartUntil I finally made this picture:

faceFIN_WEBMy favourite part of this is the way the lips turned out.  If I did it again I would shorted her nose and make her face a little wider.  It was kind of fun!

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