‘Anything can happen Thursday’

In the tradtion of ‘Anything can happen Thursday’  from the Big Bang Theory TV series, today I’m taking a one day break from art to post some music.

At school, because I needed to take biology, physics and chemistry I wasn’t allowed to take art and music.  I had to choose between the two.  At the time music was my link into being a social being because I was allowed in the music block at lunchtimes and eventually made some friends despite the social difficulties I had with autism.  I played in the windband, the orchestra and the jazz band so, because I could’t think if giving all of that up, I gave up art.  (Also I had an art teacher who was pretty scathing about anything I tried to draw and blew a mile-wide hole in my shaky confidence (figuratively speaking)).

At the time I played the trumpet / cornet , the piano the the electric bass.  Nowadays I only play piano and guitar.  I play piano at church and I play a mixture of fingerstyle guitar and classical guitar at home for relaxation.

Here is a piece of piano music I wrote for a lady called Chris who helped me when I most needed it:

Getting my first guitar came about in an odd way. I was struggling with social things and with being over-sensitive to noise at the time and I wanted to get some counselling to help me with this.  I tried and tried but I couldn’t find someone who could help who wasn’t hidiously expensive so eventually I decided to give up on the counselling and use the money I’d put aside to buy a guitar instead.      Brilliant idea!!!  😀

I began with a classical study book but then I discovered Fingerstyle Blues.  Having played Jazz trumpet in my youth I just fell in love with this kind of guitar playing.  On the internet I found this fabulous course:

60daysIt had video lessons, a written music course and everything else I needed to learn.  Nick Payne and Steve Elliott are geniuses.

So I worked through the course and after about 4 weeks recorded this stuff (please note I was only a beginner when I did this but I was amazed at how quickly the course got me playing.)

The Guitar Shuffle (this is one of the very first pieces I learned.  I recorded it after two weeks on the course)

Bluesy Feel Improvisation

And here is my beautiful guitar:


Many many thanks to Earth Balm Music for reminding me of the fingerstyle guitar music I loved so much!  Her post here gives a wonderful example of what a professional can do.  It’s fab – well worth watching!   🙂

2 thoughts on “‘Anything can happen Thursday’

  1. I didn’t know you are a teacher. What do you teach? (I used to teach science (mainly biology, quite a bit of physics, and chemistry only when they locked me in the lab) but I struggled with the social side of working with secondary students and eventually ended up teaching Yrs 4-6 in primary. Younger students are more concrete in their thinking and that’s helpful for autism – I could relate to them better. After a few years though I found even primary too much. The autism forced me to work at full speed all the time just to keep up and teaching is a demanding profession. My last job was in the autumn term of 2014 where I took a fixed term contract supply teaching a special needs class. It was wonderful but I struggled with it physically.

    Thanks for the comment, and for posting that guitarist too – he’s fab!


  2. Great post. I’m sorry it took so long to read in full. It’s a pity that we allow some teachers to sap our confidence, hopes and dreams. I try to not be that type of teacher but I have no doubt knocked pupils’ confidence albeit inadvertently. Keep up the art and music. good luck and good health!

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