Oh my goodness, watercolour is difficult!

Last night I was roaming around on You Tube thinking about having some more arty fun.  I came across some watercolour demos which were fascinating.  I was amazed by the way the painters use the water to carry the paint and how quick and subtle and skillful some of them are.  Amazing stuff!  So I thought I’d have a go.  It was a bit of a leap of faith as I am, apart from one previous poor attempt, a water colour virgin.  However, one of the reasons I’m writing this blog is to stretch myself a bit and try things which are difficult.  For me painting with acrylics is like coming home, it’s like doing something I know well and love.  With water colour it’s very different.  I feel like I’m in the deep end in foreign territory where I am suddenly a painting mute.

So, first I got some things together.  Since I’ve only got three sheets of watercolour paper I wanted to practice a bit at first so I got out some thick charcoal paper in an off-white colour and some coloured pastel paper to practice and play around on.

gettingreadytotrywatercolourI tried working on the charcoal paper first because most watercolour work I’ve seen has been on lighter paper.

It didn’t start out well…

startsnowI wanted to paint a hedgerow in early spring when there’s been a late snow and the sky and snow look blueish white and the hedgerow looks brown apart from this tree with pink blossom.  I saw it a few years back.  That was the idea anyway.    🙂

I don’t know what that blank blob is doing in the sky or why the colour is all yuck but this is how it started.  Really I should have stopped at this point but I blundered onwards…

After I did this I felt quite sick…

paintingwithfennelteaIt’s fennel tea with my paint brush in it.  Maybe that’s a clue as to why my colour was all odd?  Note to self… keep your tea cup away from your water jar Jo – it’s too easy for you to get confused.   😀

Anyway, in the end it didn’t turn out at all how I could see it in my mind.  I’ll show it here for accuracy purposes but I’m far from proud of this one.

snowandblossomAhem…moving on.

Next I wanted to use the fact that water colour is great at representing sky and sea.  I decided to paint a boat in a calm empty seashore at night. (It had to be at night becuase I was going to use dark(ish) blue paper.)

It started out OK…

…and then went pretty horrible…

boat1So I started again, with a landscape picture this time…


By this stage I was at the point of giving up on watercolours and, because of that I think, I relaxed and stopped fretting about it.  It ended up a little better…

boat2I’ll have another go tomorrow on real water colour paper and see what happens.    🙂

(All Images unless otherwise explicitly stated are © Jo Fox, 2015)

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