A Sketching Tea Break…

I had a short break from painting today as I was feeling too sore.  I thought I’d put up here a couple of the daily sketches I’ve been doing.  The idea is to sketch every day and use it as a meditation / relaxation exercise because this works better for me than meditation in a more traditional sense. I just grabbed a new sketchbook (I buy them cheaply in sets of three online) and decided that all of my daily sketches will go in there. sketch365bookSo below, are a couple of the sketches so far (I’m only up to #3!!!). This is a sketch of my dog.  She wasn’t easy to draw as she didn’t feel like sitting still so every time I looked at her to draw the next bit I had to call her.  She was a bit confused that I called her when she was already near me.  (She did eventually get a biscuit after such a trying modelling session!) S365_002I brushed her beard for the drawing and the had to draw quite fast as she usually messes it up by rubbing her face along the carpet as soon as possible afterwards.  I think it might be why she also looks a bit sad in the picture. This is her with her beard how she likes it to be… Bonnie The other sketch I want to put up today is this one… S365_003On this particular day I had planned to go outside and sketch this amazing dead silver birch tree near where I live which got struck by lightening a while back.  But, as I put my trainers on the rain started coming down and while I like the rain, my sketchbook doesn’t.  So instead I drew some of the clutter on the bookshelves in front of my bed.  I was fascinated, at the time, by the line made by all the different bits and pieces on top of the sheves and how that line interacted with the mirror at the end on the right.  I still like this picture now but I don’t know why. The things on there are, from left to right, a pile of two books on top of 12 comic books, a spray deoderant can with a handcream tube right next to it, a reed diffuser, a can of hairspray (which I use as a cheap fixative for my drawings and never on my hair!), a wooden box holding my charcoals with the box set of ‘Game of Thrones’ books on top, then the mirror on the right. Back to finish the fox painting tomorrow!    🙂

(All Images unless otherwise explicitly stated are © Jo Fox, 2015)

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