Fox Painting in Acrylics – Almost there

I found the time to do a hour or so on this painting today and it is coming together, although it’s not as tidy as I want it to be yet.

First of all I mapped out roughly where each section of my stained glass effect would go with a pencil.  Then I spent a lot of time thinking about colour and working out how I wanted to use it.

First I put on my shadows which I’m doing in blues and purples to contrast with the yellows and reds of the lit sections.  Although my light is really coming from behind and to the right as the viewer looks I decided to shade the image of the fox more simply with shadows mainly down and left.

So this is my painting with my basic shadow colours on:


I still want the white ruff the fox has in his chest to look lighter than other shadowed parts so I went for lighter shades there.

Then I added my reds and oranges and yellows…


As you can see some of the colour needs a second coat but the overall effect is getting close to what I want.

Tomorrow or the next day I’m going to re-cover all the sections which look weak colour-wise and then draw in my eyes, nose and other main features.  I would like to do this using a brush pen with permanent ink but I’m not sure if the ink will be able to hold onto the acrylic paint.  I will have to test it.  I might need to do it with black acrylic paint.

My new home-made palette is working brilliantly still so I can choose when to finish this without wasting paint.       🙂


I’m really glad I was able to paint for a bit this afternoon.  My pain has been really bad today.  I had to go into town for an optician’s appointment this morning and my son asked me to exchange some vouchers he won at school for what he called ‘money on my Steam account’ which is an online gaming platform I think.  The optician’s were brilliant but, after going to a few places for my young man’s vouchers, I ended up having to come home with my body in melt-down.  I think I’m going to need to get a mobility scooter.  Even a really short trip puts me in a bad place physically nowadays.  I’ve been thinking about this step for a while now.  I was hoping that the doctors would be able to fix what is causing the pain but it looks like they can’t so the next step for me is to learn to deal with it and take whatever steps I need to to get myself sorted.  The only thing that worries me with this is that I might get even less able if I’m not pushing myself?

(All Images unless otherwise explicitly stated are © Jo Fox, 2015)


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