Fox Painting in Acrylics – Thinking Skywards

Well I worked on the painting today, using the new palette I made before.  I only spent a couple of hours on it and I worked at a much more steady pace.  The new palette was fabulous – my paint didn’t dry out at all, despite the weather being really warm and me having a fan on in the room.  On top of that, because I wasn’t worrying about wasting paint I put out plenty and was able to use as much as I needed and then save what I didn’t use for tomorrow.  This helped too.  I felt really sad and down at heart when I was struggling with painting physically, because I was afraid that my pain problem would stop me from being able to paint anymore and it has already stopped a lot of things in my life.  But I am happy now because I can see a way forward.   🙂

I like the way my painting is looking so far but, with my phone camera I can’t seem to reproduce the colours well enough to put a picture on here that actually looks like what I’ve painted.  (When I’ve finished the painting I will have to make a dedicated effort to find my Canon camera.  I think that will help a bit.)  Anyway, despite my phone’s poor colour reproduction here’s the picture so far…


I’ve gone over the sky again.  I want to try something new there.  Because of the brilliant work I saw the other day on Mish Mas Art where the sky had this amazing pattern in it (e.g. Boating on Kootenay Lake) I wanted to do somthing more than a plain sky.  The effect I decided to go with in the end is to use the general circles and swirls pattern from a number of previous paintings I did about ten years ago (these ones):

vitality fertility germination turmoil

…but do them with one of my favourite colour schemes which I’ve also used a lot before…

fire1 fire2 fire3 magma desertheat

It was nice to get the painting to a place where I could see something of what’s been in my head all week coming out on the canvas.  One of the hardest things I find about painting is that each painting has to go through several stages where it looks awful before it comes together.  I wonder if life is like that too sometimes – that sometimes things seem awful but really it’s just the next thing coming together?

Overall, I enjoyed painting much more today – I started to relax into it and get the feel of it again.  It’s like playing the piano again after a long break – it takes a bit of effort but it does come back.

(All Images unless otherwise explicitly stated are © Jo Fox, 2015)


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