365 Sketch Challenge, Where Has The Time Gone?

This post is reblogged from  michaelbencik’s fab blog

Michael has been doing a 365 Sketch Challenge where he draws a sketch every day.  Since I first read about it I have wondered about doing it myself. This week however I saw some doctors about my chronic neuopathic pain probelm and they said that they think I have also developed ‘post-infective fibromyalgia’ which, I think, means that, following a chest infection, the pain has spread over my whole body. They gave me a booklet about it. One of the things the booklet suggests is that meditation can help. Well if I meditate by just sitting (which is the kind of meditation I have learned before) then it seems to make the pain worse because the pain comes to the front of my mind. But when I sketch and draw it’s like magic – everything else goes away, including most of the pain, and there’s just the drawing. I think this might be a kind of meditation which I can do which might help. I think it will relax my body and give me a break from the pain so I’m going to try it. 🙂

(Thanks to Michael for sharing this idea on his blog!!!)


Sketch42315C Ok, now this post is really behind schedule. But I am so excited that I finally finished up my South East Asia portion of the blog andthat I will have time to catch up on my 365 Sketches blog.I am still drawing away, trying to keep it up to one a day. I have misplaceda few sketches, and when I find them I will add them in. Plus the scans are not very good, they are actually iPhone pictures because my scanner is not working right, and I am not going to buy a new one yet. This months drawings are from Philly, North Jersey, Germany, Amsterdam, and Ireland. Enjoy! So if you like what you see, please click follow, and feel free to share. Even more importantly, if you want to join in on the challenge, pick up your pencil and join in. I will be happy to post…

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