Keeping Acrylic Paints Wet and Other Stories

I had some difficulties yesterday in keeping up with the paint physically.  The acrylics dry very quickly and I have a chronic pain condition which made it difficult for me to work hard enough and fast enough to keep up.  One of the things I think might help here is to keep my paints wet enough to be able to work them easily so there’s less stress trying to get a lot done all at one time.  I looked up online and there’s this thing called a ‘Stay Wet Pallet’ which is supposed to sort this out.  It seems like a really good idea but it’s quite expensive especially when really it’s just an airtight box with a sponge and a piece of paper. So I thought I’d try to make my own.

I used:

(1) One of a pack of cellulose kitchen sponges


(2) A tupperware-type container


And (3) some baking paper


I trimmed the sponge to fit into the lid of the tupperware box.  Like this:


Then cut out a piece of baking paper about the same size and wet the sponge and the paper really well.  I put these into the lid and then was able to use it as a palette.  Like this:


Even better, once I’ve finished for the day I can now either – throw away the baking paper with the paint on – no washing up!!!!!  Hooray!!!!!     – or just make sure there’s adequate water and put the lid on, leaving it all for the next day.



spraybottle(I also bought a water mister spray so I can wet down my canvas when I want of things are drying too fast.)

All in all I paid less than a quater of the price of a professional palette which will be really good – if it works!!!



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