Graphic Design #2 – a photoshop makeover for the Foxes!

For today’s blog I used my original design of fox symbol as a basis for creating something more interesting.  Below is my starting point:


So the first thing I did once I had the image in photoshop was to remove the border and then make a selection of all of the black areas.  I coped this selection into something called an alpha channel and then fiddled around with it to get the channel looking like this:

(In detail, what i did was, I copied the selection to 2 alpha channels and then blurred one and used the other to get my original selection back.  Then I could cut and paste the blurred channel using the original selection into a third alpha channel.)

AlphaThen I copied this channel into a regular photoshop layer and inverted it so that the blacks become white and the whites become black etc.  Then I did the following transformations:

  1. Ran a ‘plastic wrap’ artistic filter over this layer.
  2. Rendered some lighting with 2 white lights and 1 light yellow and 1 light purple
  3. Played around with the curves to get a chrome-like look

This is what it looked like after this:

ChromeEffectNext I trimmed out the bits which look raised up, put them on a white background and coloured the fox a bit.  I also got rid of the ‘Fox’ name underneath as it didn’t look great with these effects on it.


Now because we then had this on a white background, which is my preference, I needed to put in a shadow to make it clearer.  Like this:

dropshadowThen to finish off I put it inside a border, copyrighted it and added some text.  Done…


(All Images unless otherwise explicitly stated are © Jo Fox, 2015)

4 thoughts on “Graphic Design #2 – a photoshop makeover for the Foxes!

  1. Thank-you – you’re very kind! I am working on a painting at the moment but I will certainly do some more! Do you have a design you’d like to see in chrome? 🙂

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