Graphic Design #1 – ‘The Foxes of East Anglia’

Following on from my pencil drawing of a fox I’m going to explore some different art forms on the theme of foxes.  Today I drew and completed a personal family ‘Foxes of East Anglia’ symbol which could be used on a flag – a bit like the Direwolf symbol used for the Starks in the book ‘Game of Thrones’ by George RR Martin.

initialdesign_WEBI began with a quick sketch I made last night (left). Then I copied and enlarged it, mainly by eye, this morning into my A4 sketch book. I spent some time working out exactly how I wanted it to look and made some changes to the eyebrows.  Once I had the simple pencil drawing I then went over it enlarging it using a modern celtic design effect.

Then I began to work on drawing on the ink.  The ink pens I used were Staedtler 0.5 and 0.7 Pigment Liners and a Pentel Brush Pen. The next picture shows how it looked when I’d just started the ink.

begininking_WEBAt first I just filled in between my 0.5 liner outlines with the brush pen but the brush pen is beautifully mobile and flows really easily across the paper and I got worried that without serious concentration I would go over the lines so I decided to use the 0.7 liner to fill in the narrow areas and to do the edges – just like you would if you were decorating and you ‘cut in’ with a brush before using the roller.

brushpen_WEBcuttinginbetter_WEBLeft is a close up of my brush pen.  It’s one of my favourite art tools. I love using it.  To the right is a picture of the ‘cutting in’.

Gradually I filled in the whole thing until it looked like this:

doneinsketchbook_WEBI’m really happy with the design and it has a lot of personal meaning too.

Finally I pulled the design into Photoshop, cleaned the scan (my scanner is pretty rubbish) and the put a border on it:


housefox_WEBFor Tuesday I’m going to make it into a more interesting symbol / flag / icon by making the black parts of this design look chrome and putting some airbrushed colour behind the chrome.  I used to be able to make chrome in Photoshop so I hope I remember how to do it and it looks good.  Then for the rest of next week, assuming I’m finally over this illness, I’ll get out my paints and explore some other, more traditional art techniques.  I want to try, amongst other things, a mosaic look with a range of colours in acrylic and an ink and water colour painting as well.  It’s going to be so much fun – I can hardly wait!   Hooray!!!   😀

(All Images unless otherwise explicitly stated are © Jo Fox, 2015)


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