Red Fox Detailed Drawing – Part 1 : Proportional Dividers

I’ve made a start on a detailed A3 drawing of a red fox.  It’s going to be a portrait.  To make the drawing accurate I’m going to try to use my new proportional dividers to locate key points from the reference photo. The dividers look like this: PropDivider The idea with these is that you can scale up or scale down a drawing from a reference picture.  You change the scale by moving the red hinge part (which just clips on and off).  If you’re using the circles end for the reference and the plain end for the drawing then moving the red thing further towards the end of the circles side enlarges the image more.  I worked out that I am scaling my image about 1 to 1.15.  With the right set up you can use these to accurately plot certain key points in the drawing but it does take a bit of care. To sart with I decided to draw onto my paper the edge of the reference photo (scaled up) and divide it into a 2×2 grid.  This photo is of the rectange I drew which represents the edges of the picture and makes a good set of axes on which to plot my critical points. ReferenceRectangle (I had to darken the rectange for you to see it in this photo – it’s actually much lighter than that in reality.  As you can see I haven’t put on my 2×2 grid yet) Then I measured the location of each point I wanted vertically and horizontally with the dividers, using one end on the reference photo and the other on the drawing.  This was tricky and a bit annoying but I hope it’s going to be worth it.  Once I had my reference points on the page I very lightly drew on the main features.  (This photo has been adjusted so you can see them as they came out too light to see originally.): mappingpointsNow ‘here’s where the fun begins’ – the drawing!!!  Yay!!!  So then I began to fill in the drawing in a fairly rough way – trying to get the direction of the fur and the darkness of each part. FillingInBasicDrawingI kept going until I had filled in the basic drawing like this: ReadyForDetailsTomorrow I’m going to go over the whole thing again in much more detail and use a wider range of pencils.  For this first go over I used HB, B, 2B (and 4B just on the eyes).  My pencil set goes up to 8B but I have never used a pencil like that so it will be an adventure if I get to use it.  I want to create a smooth but broad range of shades to show the different colours of the fox and also to bring out the depth and shadows (which I’ve not done at all in this rough first covering).

As an aside, I’ve been advised to put a copyright notice on all my pages (what a pain!) so here it is:

(All Images unless otherwise explicitly stated are © Jo Fox, 2015)


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