I love looking at other people’s art almost as much as I enjoy making art.  I’ve been unwell with a minor illness for the past few days but while I wasn’t able to get up and draw or paint I did spend some time looking through some beautiful artwork on my laptop while in bed.  I was looking for pictures of red foxes.  Initially I wanted a reference image but I got completely side- tracked by the wonderful paintings I found.  I didn’t make a note of the artists at the time as I was enjoying looking at them with no real agenda but I do remember at least half of them came from paintings for sale on a website called Etsy (here) which you can find if you have a look.  (The searches I used on Google were ‘red fox face portrait‘ and ‘red fox face‘  these should bring up the images and you may be able to find the artists if you want to.  I did look for a good hour so some of them may be quite far down the search results.)

I want to share this beautiful work other folk have done with you all.  It really is marvellous! (Click any image to go into gallery mode and see them in a bit more detail.)

(Please note:  none of these pictures are my work – they are the work of other, clearly very talented, artists.)

What I was really amazed by was that these artists all saw foxes in such varied and interesting ways.  I didn’t realise that one subject, a red fox, could be expressed so many ways!  It’s exciting to see them.  My favourite is the first one.  I think it just looks brilliant.

So, my plan now is to do my red fox drawing first but then I might try to make red foxes in different ways using different styles and mediums.  They might not all come out right but I’ll not learn by never trying.



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