Digital Painting #5 – Red Fox

When I began experimenting with Digital Painting I wanted to try a range of styles:

  1. Pure digital painting with no line art at all. DONE  (Digital Painting #2)
  2. Digital painting on a simple traditional pencil, or digital pencil, drawing with no dark pen line art at all.
  3. A pure vector drawing for the line art and flatted out areas for really tight colour. DONE  (Digital Painting #4)
  4. Digital painting in a loose painterly style for the background with regular cartoon-like foreground images.

I’ve completed 1. and 3. in the last few days.  So today I want to look at 2.

Digital painting on a simple traditional pencil, or digital pencil, drawing.

Since I’m still reading ‘Game of Thrones’  my mind is still thinking about the different Houses and their words and flags.  As I thought about that last night I saw that if I had a flag it would actually, most likely, be a fox, the same as my family name.  So, for fun today I decided to work on a fox picture.

Here is the sketch:


This is with the base colour painted in:


And this is the final image:


This took about an hour and half.  Initially I was going to gradually go over it in more and more detail but after just one rough layer of shading I liked it as it was.  (I did actually start a more detailed layer but then I took it off.)  This painting is really close to the loose, free, style of painting and line work which I have been trying to produce for ages.  I think the work which inspired me used a brown colour for the line work rather than black.  That would make my final image look more like:


I can’t decided which I prefer?    Maybe the black/grey line art?    🙂

(All Images unless otherwise explicitly stated are © Jo Fox, 2015)


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