Digital Painting #1

Well, I had quite an experience, trying to follow in the footsteps of one of my artistic heroes.  I tried to make my own version of Toh Daryl’s ‘Stepping Stones’ picture (properly called ‘Shadow’s and Reflections’).  I got the feeling from the way his work is loose and free (and to my mind quite beautiful) that I needed to work at painting in the same way I did with gestures – that I had to paint quickly and freely and get the main shapes in.  So that’s what I did.  The results don’t look like much, especially in that my picture is quite different from his and more than a bit ragged around the edges.  But I learned so much from doing this exercise – it was an amazing experience!  It took about 40 minutes.

Stepping Stones Toh Daryl and Jo Fox

Mostly what I learned was, typically for me now I think, how much I don’t know.  🙂     It even makes me feel a bit envious of people who’ve had a proper art education at an art school.  However, these days there’s no need to feel envy because the internet is filled with brilliant and gifted teachers who are happy to share their knowledge.  All it takes is a  bit of looking.  So I’m going to look at a painting method which  Rey Shelley told me about where you ‘start with a sketch/under-painting, block in planes, then continue rendering from there.’  He used that method to paint these brilliant Character Portraits:

character-portraits #1 and #2/

I found a good tutorial here…      The Quiver Tree

( In fact there are a whole bunch of tutorials there which might be useful for later on.   😀     Painting Tutorials )

So tomorrow I’m going to have a go at working through that method to see what happens.  I can’t wait – it sounds really fun!

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