Experimenting with style

My next adventure is going to be an experiment with different styles of comicbook art.  I expect I’ll do most of this digitally but I might try some traditional art work approaches too.

I want to try a range of things hopefully including:

  1. Pure digital painting with no line art at all.
  2. Digital painting under a simple traditional pencil, or digital pencil, drawing with no dark pen line art at all.
  3. A pure vector drawing for the line art and flatted out areas for really tight colour.
  4. Digital painting in a loose painterly style for the background with regular cartoon-like foreground images.

Pure Digital Painting

So looking first at the pure digital painting. The following examples are by Daryl Toh Liem Zhan (the first 4) and Sandara (the following 2).  (Just click on any image to see them up close in gallery mode.)

(Please note that TohDaryl used to work under the name Takeru-San which is why some of his paintings here have that name.  He is the same, fabulous, artist!)  I love the simplicity in his work.  You can see his simple digital brush strokes really easily and yet the paintings are really effective.  Sandara’s work is similar but much more detailed.  Again it’s really really good.

I’m going to start tomorrow by having a go at making my own version of TohDaryl’s ‘Stepping Stones’ picture (number 4 in the above gallery)  although I may not post any results for a couple of days as I have a busy home and church schedule this week.

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