Using Gestures in Cartoon style Work

Well I had some fun today playing around with how to use gestures in cartoon-style figure drawing.  I was planning to look at a comic book style but I think the cartoon type of figure drawing is more loose and will help my comic book style in the long run.

I looked around for some examples but couldn’t really find what I needed so I just started making them up, while lazying around on my living room floor.


Next, I made a collection of the ones I liked best and drew them again in ink…


Then I scanned them in (yes, scanned!  My printer is online again!!!!!!!) and put a border around them.


Well, this is the end of my Gesture Drawing series.  I think it’s been a good journey so far.  There’s still a lot more I can learn from Gesture Drawing, especially since it challenges my autism as well as my artistic abilities.  It has also been really helpful because it’s enabled me to draw figures better and more easily and eased me into ways of making figures more stylistic if I want which I have never felt able to do before.  I’m sure I will work on them again but I’m kind of ready for something new and fresh and fun.  I think I’ll make a short fan-art comic strip based in my favourite galaxy far far away….

…and, since I don’t know how to do that, I’d better see if there are any comic art or cartoon art tutorials on YouTube!

(All Images unless otherwise explicitly stated are © Jo Fox, 2015)


9 thoughts on “Using Gestures in Cartoon style Work

  1. Here’s the first (and the best): “Advanced Animation” by Preston Blair. Long out of print but there are pdf files available on the ‘net.

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  2. Hi Jo, great post.
    I can think of several books that may help you in your work. I’ll scout around my hard drives later today and then send you a list of books and sites, if you’d like.

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