Rocky Scree Slope and an Old Mill


This is another drawing from the ‘How to Draw Anything’ course.  I’ve changed some of the rocks, removed the people and put in two sheep instead.  I also added some foreground to bring the viewer into the picture rather than just looking from afar.  This was done on A4 paper with inks.  It took about 2 hours including sketching. I really enjoyed it.

Below is another ink drawing.  This is of an old mill.  Again it’s a study and I have added a tree and some bushes on the left to balance the picture a bit better.  I used the technique suggested for the water but it’s not really working brilliantly for me.  Although there’ a lot more in this image, and I needed to plan the perspective, I prefer the simple rock picture to this one.  For me this is a bit dull.


(All Images unless otherwise explicitly stated are © Jo Fox, 2015)

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